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DDC MLS are experts at providing a variety of Back Office processes, in a multitude of languages. Our multilingual team have the knowledge and experience to advance and support your Back-Office projects.

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Back Office Administration (BOA) represents a range of processes that are necessary for the advancement of general business functions; failure to handle them effectively can have a detrimental effect on the core business. Despite technology’s best efforts, some tasks will require manual intervention. Back Office Administration reaches the places that technology can’t, ensuring that you are as effective as possible during these interventions is vital.

By nature, Back Office Administration tasks can often receive less attention than needed, which is where experts like DDC MLS can come in and support them. Attending to them effectively can have exponential positive impacts throughout the rest of the business. Creating a seamless crossover between the front and back office can have huge benefits for the organisation and the end user.

Back Office Administration can include a variety of tasks including (but not limited to):

  • Account Payable Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Query Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Case Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Debt Management
  • Central Service Support
  • Accounts Management


  • Quicker Cash Flow
    Opening up otherwise lost revenue streams.

  • Reallocated Resources
    Increase staff efficiency, utilising their time and skills in the right areas.

  • Reduced Operational Costs
    Achieved through improved utilisation of man-hours, reducing the cost of physical storage and through shortening transaction cycles.

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DDC MLS provide a complete multimedia business process outsourcing solution to manage campaign response handling, whether responses are submitted on paper, by phone or electronically offering a full end-to-end service, including but not limited to:

  1. Email handling and management
  2. Web response handling
  3. Payment processing


In addition, our multi-channel response handling capability allows us to select the most relevant and appropriate communication methods to cost effectively follow-up customer responses.


  • Increased Market Flexibility And Time-To-Market
    Utilising industry experts and state of the art equipment, work is completed to a high standard with quick turnaround times to meet the evolving needs of the market.

  • Substantial Cost Savings
    Significantly reduce expenditure on factors including; facilities, personnel, equipment and storage.

  • Improved Allocation Of Resources
    Enables concentration on core activities as well as benefiting from continual improvement

  • Efficient And Accurate Consolidation Of Inbound Data
    Create clearer insights sooner with data easily accessible and understood.

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Accurate and time sensitive Data Capture is of ever growing importance in a digital world. With access to various operational centres around the globe, DDC MLS are an integral part in a hybrid data capture solution.

The main objection we hear to offshore data capture outsourcing is that of data security. Upholding the security of our facilities and your information is an essential aspect of the service we provide to our clients. We have invested heavily in both physical and procedural security measures throughout our offshore facilities, to ensure complete security for your projects.

Manually entering data is a labour-intensive process, and businesses often spend valuable time and expense capturing, managing and processing that data. Further, they may not take advantage of their data, unable to realise its full potential. We employ a range of data capture technologies including OMR, OCR, and ICR application, that allow us to utilise the date. These data capture processes are supplemented by stringent quality control and data compliance to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy. Further, there are constant innovations surrounding these methods here at DDC MLS, giving our clients access to the most up to date technology in the sector.


  • Flexibility
    Outsourcing data capture services helps with the handling of peaks and troughs of workloads, scaling up and down the workforce as needed to meet demand. The resource and expertise is available for changes and developments of
    projects at short notice.

  • Knowledge
    A highly skilled and educated workforce that can operate in a variety of languages. Experience that has spanned over 30 years has developed an intuitive workforce to support the needs of individual projects.

  • Cost Savings
    A choice of locations to suit skills and cost requirements of your organisation. This can support budgeting or re-allocation of funds to develop other areas of the business.

  • Focus
    By ensuring that employees have accurate information at their fingertips, it allows you to concentrate on core business activities, leading to a more optimised workforce.

  • Speed
    Notice accelerated and more streamlined business processes, freeing up time for staff to concentrate on their key roles. This can lead to better customer experiences as the turnaround of information can be drastically reduced.

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