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October 03, 2018

Sarah Godfrey, Business Development Manager, shares some insight from her recent trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia. This week I had the pleasure of accompanying some prospective clients on a site visit to our Sarajevo offices, as part of their selection process. They were keen to understand more about our site and our teams, and also about Bosnia as an outsourcing location. Often, I’m met with the same question when I tell people that we have an office there and that our UK team regularly travel

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Read more Outsourcing: V-Z

September 10, 2018

V for Volumes A key driver behind our customer’s decision to outsource is often the ability to handle varying volumes of work. The project may be campaign based, or seasonal. Therefore, any resource needs to flex to meet the peaks and troughs experienced. It can be a costly exercise to handle this inhouse, whereas, an outsourcing partner is structured to handle this. In terms of people, and operational space. To discuss how we can help you reduce the strain on your resource, get in touch

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Read more Outsourcing: R-U

August 22, 2018

  We are closing in on the final round of our Outsourcing A-Z series, this week we pick up with R to U. As always to discuss any of the topics we cover please get in touch…  R is for RiskView You may have noticed RiskView appear in a lot of our communications in the build-up to the GDPR. Built to simplify the analysis of your data estate and associated risks, this analytics tool was perfect for the new regulation. However, the tool doesn’t stop there… Not only d

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Read more GDPR and Outsourcing - Busting the Myths

April 13, 2018

The GDPR is almost upon us and many people have had their say on how it will affect the outsourcing industry. To put to bed some of the concerns and myths around this, we have put together a Whitepaper with the help of GDPR experts. Download the paper below, and if you have any questions please get in touch. GDPR and Outsourcing - Busting the Myths

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Read more Outsourcing: A-C

April 06, 2018

We cover outsourcing from A-Z! This week we discuss A-C…   A for Analytics DDC Analytic Solutions is the newest member of The DDC Group after previously working in partnership with the group for a number of years. Their discovery suite offers a range of analytic tools that have been providing business critical intelligence for a range of clients in various sectors. This year their RiskView tool has been a massive success in preparing companies for GDPR by identifying their non-c

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Read more DDC MLS Charity Fund Update

March 14, 2018

In 2016, the team at DDC MLS established a charity fund with a goal of supporting the local community as well as helping colleagues who needed financial support to fight against health issues. In 2017, each month this fund helped someone in need, but December was a very special month since the fund’s inception. During the holiday season, the team prepared presents for 15 children in Sarajevo whose families were experiencing financial troubles and were struggling to provide the children wi

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