Between October 2-6, companies around the world celebrated Customer Service Week. The aim is to celebrate the importance of customer service and all of the people that support customers each day. 

Comment from DDC Outsourcing Solutions

Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions, we have been providing outsourced customer services for many years, helping countless customer service professionals develop along the way. The landscape of the industry has shifted many times along the way with the advancement of technology. This is more evident than ever with customers expecting more communication channels to be available and responses to be instant.

Marc Cameron, Customer Service Manager, has been at the frontline of this industry for a number of years and has taken some time to discuss with us his thoughts on how DDC OS innovate and develop the customer service industry;

“It has been a progressive journey for DDC OS over the last couple of years and one which I feel proud to be a part of. Our offering has evolved and has focused on 3 key pillars; Technology, Process, and People. We have made many changes in each of these areas and installed a continuous improvement culture at all levels of the business. We have had an arduous journey, but one well worth taking. Not only do we have a better insight and relationship with our clients, we now have a tried and tested model that not only meets our client`s service level requirements but provides insight and experience into their business, helping them grow in a sustainable and customer-centric way.

Some key people have been instrumental in the growth we have shared over the years and have really demonstrated a tenacity for success and a constant positive attitude towards our goals. The Customer Service Team Managers (past and present), the nearshore team in Sarajevo and the centre support staff of Dan Crapper and Damien Ellam are all excellent examples of these.

The next steps for DDC OS will be heavily focusing on investing more into our people, with changes to our coaching models, upgrading our induction training as well as making our coaches better at what they do. With more and more clients joining the DDC OS family, we look forward to all the future challenges we will encounter and taking advantage of the opportunities to further demonstrate our capabilities and customer service excellence."


Here at DDC MLS…

DDC MLS used this opportunity to celebrate all customer service projects within the company.

During the week, we pointed out the importance of customer service in our lives in general and underlined the magnitude of customer service projects in DDC MLS. We took the time to praise those who proved themselves in these projects and awarded them with recognition and our appreciation.

This year, special attention was directed towards energy and commercial sectors, as well as employees; Merima Majcic, Damir Catovic and Mirza Hodzic. 

From the day of their arrival at DDC MLS, these outstanding individuals have performed to a very high standard. They have displayed excellence and commitment to DDC MLS, clients and their everyday responsibilities. We are already looking forward to next year’s events and to evaluate the progress we have made in this industry.


To find out more about the work DDC OS and DDC MLS do in the customer service industry please get in touch.