This month we turned our spotlight onto, Dženana Še?kanovi?, our Italian Team Leader, who has been with DDC MLS since March 2014.
Dženana graduated with a degree in Journalism and Business communication, and then obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, she speaks Bosnian, English, Italian and German.  

In high school her love for journalism started while working on the school newspapers, a highlight of which was interviewing the state president at that time. At that moment Dženana recognised the importance of communication.

“During my studies, I worked as a reporter for a radio station in Sarajevo. In 2010 I received an Erasmus scholarship and finished my third year at University of Bologna. This was a key point for me while I learned the Italian language but also in building my interest in International relations and the European Union. Later on, I volunteered as a researcher in the Centre for Political Studies working on projects regarding the EU.

During the same time, I finished the Woman’s Political Academy. I grew up in the 90’s which were difficult for Bosnian people and we learned how to live and survive. If you add to this that little girls must compete with boys for the same opportunities, the only thing you can become is a fighter for your place under the sky.

Working at DDC MLS was a new challenge for me whilst offering the chance to practically use the Italian language. From the beginning, I was appointed as QA/QC and Backup Team Leader, and one year ago I was appointed as a Team Leader of 15 people. I must say that all the knowledge that I had about communication was very useful for my position while I used it to make our team work better and to help each other when needed.  I can proudly say that we achieved excellent results and now we are one family that achieves all the goals which are set for us.

As our company grows, I am happy to help our colleagues from other teams, and also I try to organise different contests so the agents can be rewarded for their good work here. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to grow and learn more and to show that young people are capable of doing big things with their knowledge.”

In her free time Dženana loves to dance, roller skate, watch football games and visit beautiful places in her country and region.
Thank you for all your work and sharing this with us Dženana!