Today our spotlight focus is on Emina Hodzic, who is the Dutch Team Leader in our Sarajevo office.

Emina has been at DDC MLS for 2 years. She speaks Dutch, English, German and Bosnian.

Originally born in Croatia, Emina and her family moved to the Netherlands when she was a small child. She attended elementary school in the Netherlands and eventually moved to Sarajevo to go to University. Emina studied Maths and Science at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Sarajevo, her initial desire was to be an elementary school teacher.

Emina started working at DDC MLS as a data entry agent for the Dutch team, and 1 year ago became the Dutch Team Leader. Emina currently manages 37 agents, and when required supports other teams, exemplifying her leadership skills.

When discussing her role Emina commented; “DDC MLS has given me the opportunity to work in an internationally and culturally diverse environment, where I can express my creative skills. The friendly atmosphere of the office makes every working day a pleasure. Seeing how hardworking and motivated my colleagues are is really inspiring. It`s a pleasure to be part of this vibrant community and I simply enjoy my work here.”
In her spare time, Emina loves to swim and read books. “I love to travel because it fulfils me, at weekends I spend my free time visiting tourist destination, learning new things, meeting new people and customs.