DDC MLS has been an exciting place to be recently with a big push on investing into a variety of employee skillsets.

The level of language skills at DDC MLS is really impressive, as is the continued desire to improve on those skills. This has been exemplified through a recent successful English language course. This was organised for team leaders with the goal of fine tuning their speaking and writing skills. These improved skills are already helping provide an impressive standard of professional communication.

Being both a cohesive and effective unit is one of DDC MLS’ proud achievements. This was recently enhanced when Team Leaders attended an online course titled ‘Working in Teams: A Practical Guide’. This was offered by UQx, an online learning initiative of The University of Queensland. Dženana Šećkanović, Emina Hodžić, Hana Dautbegović – Jusufović, Jasmina Parić and Lamija Horozić successfully completed this course and have all built upon both their leadership and teamwork skills.

To help tie all of this together, Project Managers are now attending Brentwood Open Learning College’s online course in Project Management. This course provides the opportunity to explore the core principles of professional project management, improve their holistic knowledge of the role of a Project Manager and aid an improvement in organisational and communication skills.

Well done to all involved and we are happy to announce DDC MLS is planning on organising many more courses for its’ employees. Watch this space!