DDC MLS are delighted to announce Ahmed Baftiroski (known as Bafa), as our MLS Hero of July.

Ahmed is considered a ‘German Superhero’ and is widely seen as one of the best performing QC agents. He has worked on a variety of QC projects since his arrival and has always left a lasting impression.

Such is the variety of Ahmed’s role we have a number of team leader’s eager to heap praise on him;

Hana, Canadian Team Leader; “Ahmed was a great help to the team, he understood the requirements quickly and really lifted the team spirit. Everyone loved working with him and when it was time for him to move once more I asked if we could keep him!”

Emina, the Dutch Team Leader; “He is a great team player, who can handle any additional tasks in a fast and efficient manner. After he is done with these, he still helps with DE, QA and QC, anything we need. He is always ready for any test and task and always does a perfect job.”

Jasmina, Danish Team Leader says; “Bafa has been a team player from the beginning. I remember when we first began working on the DANSK-project in March, Ahmed would share everything he knew with team – regarding the PCM, organisation etc., which was a great contribution to the project. And, even though he is not part of the Danish team anymore, he is still someone we turn to for advice and help.”

Irdin, French Team Leader says: “Ahmed helped me for some time on Amazon when we needed help the most. His work was fantastic, he supported the entire team. We even asked Emina if we could keep him as one of us! He was a great asset to this team and he was missed by all of us.”

Congratulations Bafa, keep up the good work!