We are pleased to announce the Hero of June for DDC MLS has been awarded to Adaleta Delalic (aka Dada).

Dada is the first to help the agents regardless of who they are or which team they are aligned to. She always goes the extra mile; if there is a dip in the teams’ workload she will enquire within the office if there is a project they can support.

We recently went through a period of new staff intake and Dada helped with the testing of new candidates, followed by helping with their training programme.

Dada has been very creative and introduced tests for the agents, as well as creating a support group within the Danish team. At the end of each day, they spend a few minutes debriefing, discussing different topics from the day, brainstorming and supporting each other. We have definitely noticed that their teamwork has improved significantly and the overall team spirit is happy and positive.

All of these things Adaleta has done on her own initiative with no influence from others. Congratulations Dada, keep up the good work.