Almina Mrndjiic is our DDC MLS Hero of the month for September, congratulations!

A new role was created for a data control agent on the Canadian team, to which Almina was appointed. The role was designed to ensure the continued improvements to quality control. To achieve this Almina had to introduce new procedures designed by herself, implementing a variety of training both individual and team based.

Monitoring and improving rule management was also a key element to the role. Almina created a new document from scratch that detailed the rules and process in which to follow. A large project that has helped the team extensively, and remains an example to her work ethic and innovative approach to the role.

Further to this, her role meant she would need to operate over two sites, the Philippines and our offices in Sarajevo. Managing different languages and cultures through new processes is a challenging task which was handled with notable control and ease.

Almina’s team have all benefited from her new role, with a reorganisation of the structure ensuring a more efficient workflow, and a new motivational leader board installed, the team have gone from strength to strength.

Thank you Almina for your positive influence on the team, continue the great work!