On Friday 8th November, Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines. One of the most powerful storms ever recorded, it has left devastation in its wake, with up to 10,000 feared dead. Many areas still cannot be reached due to the damage, and with communication lines down, the full extent of the destruction remains unknown.

Areas affected by this extremely powerful storm include the province of Leyte where the DDC Group has operations. As yet, we are not aware of any human casualties among our team over there. If any come to light, the DDC Group has pledged to fully look after the families concerned.

We at DDC OS have offered our support in terms of funding and personnel to support the recovery operations, but we understand that others will also want to donate to the cause. We have the following two options available currently:

Christian Aid has set up an appeal and we would urge you all to donate whatever you can to the relief operation for the general population of the Philippines.
Alternatively, the DDC Group has set up a donation fund. The very specific and targeted resources will be delivered with the help of the office of the Governor of Leyte to ensure that each DDC family member gets what he/she needs immediately to get through this tragic circumstance.

All donations made will specifically help our colleagues in the Philippines. Please access our Group Paypal account via the DDC USA website here.